Frequently Asked Questions

Are you able to modify my furniture?
Yes, we have a partner company who specialises in modifying flat pack items. Whether your item needs to be cut down to size or you’d like to box in your wardrobe to give it that built in finish.

Do you cover my area?

We service London, Essex, Herts, Kent & Sussex. We can cover other areas for larger scale jobs. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Do you assemble Shop Displays/Showrooms?

Yes, we have assembled various showrooms for different companies such as The Range & John Lewis. If you would like to book for Shop Display/Showroom assembly, please contact us.

Do you only assemble furniture from IKEA?

No, we assemble flat packs from all brands/companies including IKEA.

Do you work on a Sunday?

Yes, we are open seven days a week.

How do you collect reviews?
We collect our reviews using the most trusted review platform there is. We use Trustpilot to collect our reviews from our clients. All reviews are submitted by our customers which are then showcased live for you to see. We also have reviews on Facebook, Google, FreeIndex, Bidvine & other sites. 

When do i pay?

Payment is required once the work is complete & you’re satisfied with our work.

Do I need to provide you with any tools or equipment?

No, we carry all the correct tools and spares to complete any job.

I live in the congestion charging zone, can you still come to me?

Yes, we service all areas of London. Please note the congestion fee will be added on to the quote.

When can you come to do the work, is there a long wait?

We always arrange a convenient date & time that suits you best. If we cannot offer you the first date & time you have chosen we will try our best to give you another time slot that is convenient for you.

Can you adjust my existing wardrobe doors?

Yes, we would be happy to correct any existing furniture that you already own.

What if it comes with missing screws etc.?

We always carry a large selection of different types of fittings, If there are missing parts the odds are we will have a spare.

Do you need help carrying the boxes?

No, we always work in teams of two so there would never be a problem that we can’t handle. If possible, before the fitters arrive can you please inform us if the boxes are already in the rooms where the item would need to be assembled or would they need to be carried to the room from the garage etc.

Are you insured?

Yes, our fitters all have Public Liability Insurance and are covered up to £1,000,000.

How do I pay?

We accept Cash Or Bank Transfer payments. We do not take payment upfront or any deposits. Payment is due once the work is complete and must be made before we leave your premises

How long will it take to assemble my flat pack furniture?

Once we have the full list of items that need to be assembled we can give you an accurate time it will take for 2 assemblers to complete.

How much room do you need to build my furniture?

Depending on the item will determine how much space would be required. But to be on the safe side could you please clear as much room as possible, so we do not encounter any problems when we arrive. We are happy to move any miscellaneous items out of the room if necessary.

Can you take the packaging away after you’ve finished?

Unfortunately, we do not take the packaging away from your home. We are able to break the packaging down & place the packaging in your recycling ready for it to be collected by the council.

I have attempted to assemble my flat packs myself but have not succeeded, Can you still assemble it?

Yes that wouldn’t be a problem. Please make sure in the process of this that any items haven’t been lost or broken.

Can you disassemble furniture for me?

Yes, we can disassemble any type of furniture.

Can you move my furniture to a different house?

No, unfortunately we wouldn’t be able to move it to a different location. However, if you are able to arrange for the furniture to be taken to your new address we are able to disassemble your furniture at one address and then reassemble it at your new address.

What if I have to cancel my booking?

No problem at all, we understand that there are many reasons why you may have to cancel. All that we ask is for you to give us at least 24 hours when cancelling your booking.